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Quality Assurance

A comprehensive, team approach

"Ultimately, we would like to thank our superb site teams for embracing this process; and the way our quality teams support them in their development."


Our Systems & Approach

Start well

We believe that a quality Job starts with a quality and value-reviewed design. To that end, we have a dedicated team that review Engineering drawings from a practical build/ cost point of view to ensure that what looks feasible on paper is buildable and maintainable at a fair price. We encourage constructive review meetings ahead of any site start to ensure that our clients are getting the right quality and value design.

The right team

A specialist professional quality team (of 8) advise/ train/ score and ultimately instruct the rectification of defective work during these visits.  We view this process as one of education, steady improvement, and sustainability. We want to develop a skilled and conscientious workforce and not one that just ticks the right box to top a league table.  Our site supervisors are required to self-check and audit their own team's work to complement the independent inspections.

Post contract award, we have six quality steps that are completed independently from the regional operations team:

Our Independent Quality Inspection System includes


An initial education/ discussion meeting with the site team around the project's design/ complex features and special considerations (safety) in the build.


A site inspection ensuring the quality of the material/ workmanship and independent testing criteria is being undertaken.


A third visit establishes the final detail of the work. This will ensure that the adopting authorities/ NHBC have no reason to raise latent snags. At this stage we remove defective work/ raise snags and halt future work if the quality is not at the level we strive for.  We would rather miss a deadline than hand over substandard work.


A post stage 1 build inspection to ensure that the finishing materials were placed correctly and that nothing had been compromised in this process. All as-built information/ testing filed and submitted.


Pre final stage completion works. We re-check our work alongside the various authorities. Any defects issues are rectified and works signed off for completion.


Post completion, we complete final as-builts and collate the packs for our clients and run through any operational or maintenance issues.



"We view this process as one of education, steady improvement, and sustainability"

The numbers

Our QA system took a full 5 years to fully implement to our current standard & we continue to roll out improvements ongoing.   We now complete around 40 infrastructure and 100 civils/ groundworks inspections (around 7 per working day) per calendar month.  Each inspection will typically cover 50+ items; thus, we are checking around 85,000-100,000 items per annum.

Bespoke Software

In this process we use a bespoke software package where tablets are used by our Site Supervisor/ Quality Teams.   Several million pounds have been invested over the past five years in developing and implementing this system.

The results

The results in the process have seen our infrastructure defects reduce by more than 75%; and our customer care defects reducing year on year (despite continued growth).

We believe that the savings on defects substantially outweigh the costs; and the reputational, safety, and environmental benefits (right first time) have made this implementation a vast success.

MVK Bromsgrove Site
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Our dedicated Customer Care Teams are available 24/7 x 365, striving always to ensure our clients receive the best possible standards of service.

Our Customer Care

Whilst our Quality processes catch many larger defects, there remains issues that unfortunately end up with our dedicated in-house Customer Care team.

We have a superb team of 4 in our HQ supporting our 8 regional set ups; plus, and an out-of-hours internal response person (24-7 and 365 days a year – not a call centre!) that handle calls and arrange for urgent issues to be rectified immediately.

The numbers

We are realistic that we will have defects/ customer issues to resolve. Each year we

lay around 500,000 paving slabs

construct 750,000 metres of drainage pipework

construct 8,500 private house drives

build 50 miles of full road construction

In 2022/3 we received 1 customer care job for each £112,000 of work we completed

We strive to improve this and make the response as quick and efficient as is reasonably practical.

One issue with a customer is one too many (if it's you) and to that end we always appreciate constructive feedback to our Head of Customer Care or our Regional Directors.

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At MV Kelly we take our commitment to properly finishing our jobs very seriously. 

Planning for the unexpected. 

Making Good Reserve

In an uncertain world, sometimes, despite our very best efforts, things can still go wrong.  Therefore, over the past 10 years, we have built up a substantial cash fund to quickly allow us to correct any problems that could occur.  

Stage reserve

At MV Kelly we ensure that there is always adequate funding to allow us to fully complete every job we undertake, no matter the financial circumstances.   Under budget, rising inflation rates, job delays, supply chain issues can all effect our ability to complete a job within our budget.  To facilitate this, we have another separate and substantial cash fund set aside solely for this purpose.  

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