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Project details: Red Lodge Park, Suffolk

Customer: Barratt Homes

Value: >£5 million


This site included the foundations to 125 Plots and associated Infrastructure works to the new development.


The site is located in Suffolk near the very busy A11 and due to this the designers had to take into consideration and put in place measures to minimise the noise pollution this would pose to Barratts Customers. To that end an acoustic bund was included within the design of the site and MV Kelly were tasked with constructing this. The volume of the bund was 3000m3 and required reinforcement in the form of a Tensar Geogrid System Including Triax Geogrid & Erosion control Matting.  One end of this bund was also retained by a gabion basket retaining wall  - 125m3 of gabions required.


Number facts;

  • Volume of Accoustic Bund - 3000m3

  • Surplus Arisings following cut/fill operations (Topsoil and Muck) in excess of 15,000m3

  • 550m3 Of Storm Attenuation Tanks

  • 255m3 Of infiltration tanks

  • 3000m2 of new estate roads

  • 1200m of new sewers (foul and storm varying depth and diameters – max depth 4.5m for foul outfall and max dia 525mm pipework for storm sewers)

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