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This document sets out the *terms on which the Company is prepared to provide you with a hardship payment, to be repaid to the Company, to support you through this period when many in our sector are unable to work due to the extraordinary circumstances of Covid19. 


Payments will be made by bank transfer into the account which has recently been used to make payments to.

*Repayment will be one shift per week for each week until the amount has been paid in full.
*By signing the below you are confirming that you wish to receive the hardship payment; and the information filled above is correct and appropriate to your circumstance. Please note that if you do not return to work or we are unable to deduct the monies from your pay we will seek recovery in full.
All submitted data is processed and retained within GDPR guidelines, we will not use your data for marketing purposes. Our Privacy Policy can be reviewed here.

Your agreement has been submitted

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