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Project details: Grove Airfield 1 Housing Parcel / Phase 1 & 2 Infrastructure 

Customer: Persimmon Homes

Value: >£9 million

Road, Sewers, S278 (large), 1000+ Houses, 1 apartment Block.


Grove Airfield is a vast site, which it is to provide 2,500 houses and associated infrastructure inc new Roads, school and public recreational park.


The existing ground on this site has posed its own problems from areas of contamination to deposits of Summertown-Radley Sand and Gravel Member, all of which require additional measures to allow development of the site;


5,883m3 Lime stabilised material – Close work with the Client, Local Authority and Supply chain has enabled the existing material to be removed to the ‘Gault Formation’, modified through lime stabilisation and re-engineered in lieu of the conventional Stone Capping layer. In turn, speeding up the build sequence, reducing cost and minimising the impact on the local community through reduced delivery activity.


Fact / How it works; Lime Stabilisation Works by mixing Lime cement at a calculated ratio into the existing sub-soil in layers of 200mm-300mm and compacting. This dries out the material and creates a stabilised region that keeps water from re-entering, substantially increasing the stability, impermeability, and load-bearing capacity of the subgrade.


1,526m3 Hotspots Removed and contained on site.


Number facts;

  • 5,009m – Sewers installed

  • 11,663m2 -  Road completed in 5 months

  • 35,129m3 - Earthworks to form swale system

  • 2,125m - Length of HV diversion completed across the site

  • 9,407m2 – House footprint area

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