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Fleet & Infrastructure

Over the past 28 years, MV Kelly has been continuously building up its plant & vehicle fleet as well as its physical & office spaces.   We are very proud to now have one of the country's largest, newest & most modern fleets as well as an excellent portfolio of properties located across the country.   

Commercial Vehicles

We operate a fleet in excess of 700 Ford commercial vehicles, with a replacement cycle of maximum 2.5 years meaning that our entire fleet is Euro 6.2 compliant. We use the very latest Ford Pro technology to keep on top of any maintenance required, and equip them all with Matrix Telematics including on board cameras to ensure that they are being driven safely and to our high standards.

Owned Assets

At MV Kelly we work for a long term sustainable future.   Hence, 85% of our assets (plant, vehicles & offices) are fully owned without external debt.   We believe that this gives us a solid & secure base to continue to build a reliable, sustainable & trustworthy business. 

GPS Machine Guidance

We are proud to continue our massive investment into Machine Control & we are now nearing the majority of our excavator fleet having the huge benefits of our SCCS systems.  (Machine control allows us to 'virtually' set out & work to our site datum without the requirement for traditional engineering setting out - giving us much greater accuracy & production efficiencies).

Anti-idling Scheme

As part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we are currently running an anti-idling scheme on our plant and commercial vehicles with the aim of reducing our annual carbon output by over 200 tonnes.  


Our building in Solihull provides a fantastic premium office space for our HQ team.   We have invested in the long term sustainability of our regional locations by purchasing premium office spaces.  Our latest office acquisition in Manchester shows our commitment to our staff & clients in the North East region.  This brings our total office locations to 8 (6 of which we own outright).  

Safety Shield

We take investment into Health & Safety systems seriously at MV Kelly.   Our massive investment into our Safety Shield system is one such example.  All new medium to heavy weight excavators, as well as new forklifts, are being fitted with this system.  (The system alerts the driver to the presence of a person within the controlled zone and informs our HQ teams so they can deal with ongoing issues). 

Excavator Fleet

MV Kelly only uses the best kit.  We have partnered with Hitachi UK over some 25 years, to exclusively use these top of the range machines.  With a fleet of over 600 excavators, we are now the UK's largest buyer of Hitachi construction equipment.  

Moreover, our industry leading replacement cycle of 2.5 years means that our entire fleet of machines will meet Stage V emissions regulations by early 2024.

Company Cars

Over 90% of our car fleet is now either fully electric or plug-in hybrid.  All of our owned office spaces are now fitted with high spec charging facilities. 

Investing in ours & our client's future

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Doug Curran, Fleet & Asset Director

"I'm extremely proud to be part of building up & managing M. V. KELLY LIMITED's fleet over the last few decades.  We only ever buy the best & then stick rigidly to our upgrading cycle which ensures we always only ever have the newest, best, most efficient assets available, anywhere".

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