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MV Kelly is committed to playing its part in reducing the amount of carbon we produce through our house-building & construction activities. 

Our Services

Key points & action plan

We have continued to install electric charging points in new & existing offices.

We have adapted our car policy to allow for various models of electrical vehicles with a higher mileage range to allow all job profiles to take advantage.

We invest in new state of the art construction machinery and road vehicles, which enables the entire excavator and van fleet to benefit from the most fuel-efficient models available to the market.

Continued and increased investment in GPS Excavator based technologies have led to a marked reduction in travel by

engineering and surveying staff.

Van speeds are restricted to reduce fuel consumption. Along with review and audit of plant and van utilisation, idling allowing reduction in downtime.

All offices are continuously maintained to ensure lighting and heating systems are in good order and economical. Lighting

systems are sensor based to allow usage only when required.

MV Kelly have expanded its investment in Quality Control which has had a direct benefit in reducing waste and increasing resource efficiency.

MV Kelly procurement policy is to use recycled materials wherever these can be locally sourced.

MV Kelly will avoid importation of bulk material to site where alternatives are available on site by using existing site won material.  We are committed to sourcing local materials through our supply chain network to reduce transportation distances.

We have now began the process of exploring carbon offsetting mechanisms and potentials.   During our trading year 2023-24 we will be engaging consultants to help us develop a meaningful and practical ESG plan.

Air and Water Pollution

Use of natural resources 

We continue to strive towards a paperless business. The use of an ERP System along with an Operational Management System continues to support the reduced number of paper documents not only in offices but also from site to office.

We have already made a start

We have been taking steps towards our goal... we set challenges across the company and the results are in!! See our case studies below

Our efforts in carbon saving already equate to the good work of 27,000 trees!

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