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M. V. KELLY LIMITED is committed to sharing its resources with the community and playing its part in helping less fortunate people improve their lives. 

Ticket Training - Betel UK

July 2023

Providing more opportunities!!


Recently, we have been working with the community of Betel Nottingham to support them in passing their Dumper and Excavator qualifications. 


Well done and thank you to our team for helping to make a difference

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Update June 23

M. V. KELLY LIMITED is committed to helping our local communities through charitable giving and through the involvement of our team. We are excited to announce our most recent pledge to add £500,000 towards Betel UK's Anchor Point Project in Aston Birmingham.

Ukraine Appeal 2022

In April 2022, after watching the devastating crisis unfold in Ukraine, we decided to help.  We collected humanitarian supplies over the course of a week to our head office and transported them directly to Poland to aid all the children and families who had to flee their home in Ukraine. 

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4 Peaks Challenge 2022

In May 2022, we completed the 4 peaks challenge in aid of 4 chosen charities. Lots of our staff were involved and we consecutively climbed the 4 highest peaks in the UK whilst cycling our way between them all. We raised an amazing and overwhelming £100K, well done to all involved.

Manna Farm (Betel UK) 2022

After having substantially funded and helped build Manna Farm. We have now moved on to our second project with Betel UK. We are also supporting the refurbishment/ extension of a original building. Overall when complete, Manna Farm will accomodate 100 people within their community.

Cranmore Primary School 

We have partnered with a local primary school 'Cranmore Primary School'. Our staff volunteer every Tuesday and read with the children who need extra support. We have also resurfaced a new playground for the nursery. And we gift the school with gestures on occasions such  Easter & Christmas.

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