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Project details: Aspen Park, Haddenham

Customer: Cala Homes

Value: >£7 million


Road, Sewers, S278 (highway improvement), 118 Houses, 2 apartments and external works.


This is a multi-phase development, formerly an airfield, in a very desirable area for city commuters.


Although being flat, and seemly straightforward, the site has come with some obstacles that have required close work with our client to come to the best possible solution. The challenging outfall solutions have been a prominent topic on this site, needing careful management and planning to control the surface water while completing the works. These working relationships and challenges are enjoyed by MV Kelly.


The non-cohesive nature of the ground in parts of the site has allowed permeable block paving to be utilised in the roads and driveways to discharge water directly into the groundwater table, saving the need for large pipework and helping improve safe working.


The infrastructure MV Kelly have installed on this site, includes enabling works for both a Sports England centre and retail centre, for the local community.


Number facts;

  • 11,288m2 – Plot coverage across the current phases

  • 9,933m2 – Road completed in 18 months

  • Mixture of Traditional tarmac, block paving, and porous paving

  • 23,100m3 - Earthworks to form the ponds and swales within the Vast Public Open Space areas

  • 500m – Rising main works through an existing live highway

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