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Project details: Amington Green, Tamworth 

Customer: Redrow West Midlands

Value: >£40 million

Extensive Earthworks Operations

In order to convert this former golf course into a housing development suitable for housing more than 1000 homes, M.V Kelly have undertaken earthworks operations that have dealt with over 500,000m3 of material.


A 1350mm sewer pipe was installed 5m under an existing fuel line

Directional drilling and Heading

A national asset fuel pipeline runs 1.5m below the existing ground in the third phase of the development which, presented M.V Kelly unique challenges in constructing the roads & sewers. A substantial (1350mm) storm pipe needed to be installed 5m below this pipeline and required a tunnel to be hand dug and internally supported. At another crossing point, M.V Kelly needed to directionally drill a foul pipe 13m at a similar depth which, required a lot of specialist equipment. In addition to the extremely deep installation, at this depth the onsite team encountered large sections of rock which, presented further complications.  

Bespoke retaining solutions

Given the steep lying gradient of the 2nd phase of this development, we had to construct two bespoke retaining walls to the Eastern & Western border of the development. A 172m Alan Block wall, was constructed on the Eastern border which retained an existing school field across the rear of 20 houses. On the Western border, a 210m Tensar GreenSlope wall was formed, consisting of over 4000m3 of fill material and 6 layers of bespoke steel reinforcement and Tensar Geogrid. In addition to this, a near 100m Gabion Stone wall was formed near the northern border which provides crucial foundation support for 8 residential plots.


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