Great Haywood, construction site

Project Details

Customer: Persimmon Homes

Value: > £1 million

Roads, Sewers and Tanks

33 Houses and External Works

Attenuation Issues

MV Kelly worked with Carlow in designing and installing a large adopted storm water storage tank with minimum cover (due to site levels), to budget.

Working with a product like this for the first time was a concern but the scheme progressed on programme and to budget.

600 Loads

Of muck away saved by designing optimum cut and fill levels.

10,000 Homes

MV Kelly have built more than 10,000 homes with Persimmon over the past 20 years.

6 weeks

For MV Kelly to hand over infrastructure and the first 4 foundations

local labourHitachi Plant and Local Labour

Local Labour is used on MV Kelly sites including employing apprentices to support the local community.

Hitachi 25T Machines were used to lift the sections in of the tank that was founded on a concrete base.

ground water

MV Kelly controlled the ground water through a matrix of sumps and 4” Pumps and then were able to establish a sound road formation.

Typically MV Kelly achieve a 4 week start to finish on a first leg of infrastructure to enable clients to start building superstructure at the earliest possible time.

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