Theatre Park

Project Details

Customer: Barratts, Taylor Wimpey and Bovis Homes

Value: > £10 million

Roads, Sewers and Houses - 1000 plus

Vast Attenuation Solutions

The outfall from over 1000 houses was more than a mile long. The pipework on the outfall contained more than 300m of 1.50m reinforced plastic pipework by Aquaspira.

The groundwater control required was complex and involved a series of pumps up to 12” Capacity.

21 m

Canal crossing with 300mm thrust bored pipe at a depth of 4m.

1250 m3

Per hour of surface and ground water pumped via a 12” pump to facilitate works


Value of new Hitachi machines working on roads and Sewers at Banbury at any one time

banbury work new

The roads formation was compacted using a sheepsfoot roller that is particularly effective in the clay soil we encountered at Banbury.

The formation is also receiving a terram membrane to further stabilise this difficult ground; followed by a road construction using locally sourced quarried stone.

MV Kelly have secured both the infrastructure and housing from all three developers on this site.

banbury tank

Thrust Boring and Canal Crossings

The Canal Water flowing from the deteriorated canal linings and the ground water generally in the area required MV Kelly to utilise a caisson to be sunk adjacent to the canal to act a temporary working area for the thrust boring equipment. By sinking a caisson shaft MV Kelly were able to safely complete this complicated crossing.

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