Theatre Park

Project Details

Customer: Barratts, Taylor Wimpey and Bovis Homes

Value: > £10 million

Roads, Sewers and Houses - 1000 plus

Vast Attenuation Solutions

The outfall from over 1000 houses was more than a mile long. The pipework on the outfall contained more than 300m of 1.50m reinforced plastic pipework by Aquaspira.

The groundwater control required was complex and involved a series of pumps up to 12” Capacity.

21 m

Canal crossing with 300mm thrust bored pipe at a depth of 4m.

1250 m3

Per hour of surface and ground water pumped via a 12” pump to facilitate works


Value of new Hitachi machines working on roads and Sewers at Banbury at any one time

banbury work new

The roads formation was compacted using a sheepsfoot roller that is particularly effective in the clay soil we encountered at Banbury.

The formation is also receiving a terram membrane to further stabilise this difficult ground; followed by a road construction using locally sourced quarried stone.

MV Kelly have secured both the infrastructure and housing from all three developers on this site.

banbury tank

Thrust Boring and Canal Crossings

The Canal Water flowing from the deteriorated canal linings and the ground water generally in the area required MV Kelly to utilise a caisson to be sunk adjacent to the canal to act a temporary working area for the thrust boring equipment. By sinking a caisson shaft MV Kelly were able to safely complete this complicated crossing.


Project Details

Customer: Taylor Wimpey and Consortium Partners

Value: > £30 million

Roads, Sewers and more than 1000 Houses completed to date

Residential Housing and a New Community

Berryfields is a vast site involving numerous house builders.

MV Kelly have predominantly worked for Taylor Wimpey on this site and managed some really challenging ground water issues

5,000 New Homes

Being built in and around Berryfields

55 minutes

Train time to central London from the New Aylesbury Vale Train Station

5 years

Of development now at Berryfields and the landscape is unrecognisable

berryfields pathwaysPermeable Ground Conditions

Berryfields utilises the existing ditches that run all over the site and the drainage throughout the scheme follows the pathway of the existing streams and brooks. In areas of the site the rainwater is allowed to pass through the drives and enter directly into the groundwater table.

berryfield buildings

MV Kelly have been involved in building miles of roads and footways on the site.

MV Kelly also completed the first stage groundworks on the College that sits proudly in the middle of the site for BAM Construction.

Berryfields has been the largest scheme MV Kelly have worked on in the past 5 years.

Theatre Park

Project Details

Customer: Redrow

Value: > £10 million

Roads, Sewers,

Houses – 300 plus

Public Open Space

There will be in excess of 300 houses at Barton Seagrave within the next year. As part of the development the landscaping and surface water design incorporating parks, streams and decorative walling make the site something to be proud of.

54,200 m3

Earthworks to form the ponds and swales through the Public Parks

10,174 m2

Roads completed by MV Kelly on this site in past 5 years

60 million Weetabix

Biscuits made each week in the adjacent factory. A major employer in the area

road designEngineering and Road Design

The roads were built through some very poor ground conditions in parts. MV Kelly and Redrow liaised with the County Council to ensure that the materials used and the method used created a robust infrastructure for the local residents. In places the road is more than 1m thick.

complex site

The Architecture by Redrow and the planners requests on the site make the finished product particularly striking.

There are conservation products throughout the adopted roads and footways, as well as tree lined Boulevards.

Working on high specification and complex sites is a challenge MV Kelly have relished.

M V Kelly at Hixon

Project Details

Customer:Taylor Wimpey

Value: > £3 million

Roads, Sewers and Tanks 76 Houses and External Works

Residential Housing

MV Kelly worked with Asset International in installing a vast underground storage tank for this new housing estate.

The shallow level of the outgoing drainage systems and the site constraints required a vast amount of engineered ground to be placed across the site. This was up to 3m in places.

26,000 m3

Of fill required to allow the engineering solution to work

300% reduction

In damaging service strike rates by MV Kelly in 2015 due to increased training

175 metre

Accoustic earth bund installed to protect residents from local factory noise

Birmingham Childrens Hospital LogoThe site required to bring a lot of materials into the site within the village so it was important that large and clean hardstanding's were created to minimise mess within the adjacent roads.

Dust nuisance is a serious issue for MV Kelly in summer months and we have a fleet of dust suppression units we use on our sites like Hixon.

Hixon ground works cycleTaylor Wimpey West Midlands

MV Kelly have worked alongside this client for 12 years and provided their expertise and resources to help assist this business through the economic cycle. Taylor Wimpey and MV Kelly have worked side by side in many Charity Events and continue to support a variety of good causes.

Great Haywood

Project Details

Customer: Persimmon Homes

Value: > £1 million

Roads, Sewers and Tanks

33 Houses and External Works

Attenuation Issues

MV Kelly worked with Carlow in designing and installing a large adopted storm water storage tank with minimum cover (due to site levels), to budget.

Working with a product like this for the first time was a concern but the scheme progressed on programme and to budget.

600 Loads

Of muck away saved by designing optimum cut and fill levels.

10,000 Homes

MV Kelly have built more than 10,000 homes with Persimmon over the past 20 years.

6 weeks

For MV Kelly to hand over infrastructure and the first 4 foundations

local labourHitachi Plant and Local Labour

Local Labour is used on MV Kelly sites including employing apprentices to support the local community.

Hitachi 25T Machines were used to lift the sections in of the tank that was founded on a concrete base.

ground water

MV Kelly controlled the ground water through a matrix of sumps and 4” Pumps and then were able to establish a sound road formation.

Typically MV Kelly achieve a 4 week start to finish on a first leg of infrastructure to enable clients to start building superstructure at the earliest possible time.

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